About Us

Professional Mindfulness Surrey

A Strong Body Comes with a Strong Mind in Surrey

For the past few decades, Physio Strength Club has been working with hundreds of clients – all of them are working towards reaching the same goal. A strong body and a strong mind.

Achieving this goal is no easy job. A strict routine is mandatory where exercise is a crucial section of your daily schedule. Work with our personal trainers in Surrey who focus on mindfulness and keeping you happy and healthy.

What makes us unique?

We do not make your fitness journey completely reliable on exercises only. It is a complete segment where your mental wellbeing is as important as your physical wellness. We support you when you need us the most.

Reaching a body goal without the support of personal trainers is not an easy journey. So we ensure you get the best help where our trainers focus on your fitness journey maintaining mindfulness throughout the session.

Pandemic Outbreak Has not Stopped Us

Yes, we are now open after a long halt. The Covid-19 outbreak had put a full stop in our business for a certain period. But we have overcome it now and have become stronger than ever.

We have maintained all social distancing measures while operating the fitness centre. Your overall well being is a priority to us. We are committed to design tailored fitness programmes where we take care of your needs.

Balance Your Life with us!

Our trainers schedule exercise sessions for you where you just have to follow a custom workout routine and a diet chart. We ensure you receive the best service while being a part of us.

So you are new in the fitness industry? Still not accustomed with the nitty-gritty of different exercises? We are here to help you.

Join us today and start working towards the body that you were yearning for so long.

Wondering whether we are updated with the latest personal training practices or not? No need to worry! All our certified experts have been a part of this industry for years and have been working as professional trainers for decades.

We welcome all – whether you are just starting out your fitness journey or want to lead a life of mindfulness and enjoy a strong mind, we have something for each.

Need further help to achieve a strong body in Surrey? Have a discussion with our personal trainers to get help!